TYD App 0.726 Introduction

Our mobile app(Version 0.726) is only a portion of what we aim to do. We intentionally minimized the entertainment aspect of the app and focused on helping people have a good opportunity to reflect on their lives. When we produce our completed prototype with more functions, we will improve our design and interface. Then, we plan on undergoing 2nd level, 3rd level and 4th level developments in order to establish a complete form of our platform.

“An App to help you to gain wisdom and accomplish  your unique dream by overcoming your obstacles.”


TYD App (c)2015 AHATYD

Most of the problems that people experience result from their lack of wisdom. If you become wise, your current problems will disappear naturally and your unique dream will come true.

Our TYD App(Version 0.726) will help you to gain wisdom and accomplish your unique dream by overcoming your obstacles. For your life journey, our TYD App(Version 0.726) is composed of 4 parts, including “WISDOM BOX Birth Story”, “MY STUDIO”, “WISDOM BOX” and “ACCOUNT.” Specially, “MY STUDIO” is composed of “WISDOM BOX VITALIZATION” and “MY LIFE NAVIGATION,” which vitalizes your “WISDOM BOX” and navigates your life, respectively.

When you use its completed version  in the future, you come to communicate with your very own “WISDOM BOX” as an artificial partner for your life journey.

Your “WISDOM BOX” that makes you wise enough to let you live your unique dream can be vitalized by six processes such as ‘ORIGIN’, ‘SCENARIO’, ‘DREAM’, ‘GOAL’, ‘OBSTACLE’, and ‘I.O.’. The vitalization results in giving you “MY LIFE NAVIGATION”.

In “WISDOM BOX”, you can gain insight from your daily feelings, thoughts and activities, and in that process you become  wise enough to accomplish your unique dream.

Don’t give up your valuable chance to become wise.

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