Everything comes from story. The reason would be that the communication through story can best touch people’s mind and change their behaviors. Contents, design, software and hardware based on story can be created. Our AI(“WISDOM-BOX”) Technology is also based on our own unique story. The story tells us about ‘Why,’ ‘What,’ and ‘How.’

One of our unique stories was already created. The story, Project W, was released  in the form of e-book  on January 9, 2012. And then the video clip was made of the drawings showing the birth of  “WISDOM-BOX.” The picture below is a graphic design of the container that is formed in a perfect hexagon through the six stars that come from the heavens—it is a perfect hexagon on all sides and is called the “WISDOM-BOX.”

WISDOM BOX Please refer to “″  and the following video.

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