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We can ask the following question when we see the experiences that people have and the way they live their lives.

   * Question: What would happen if people took a more comprehensive, long-term view of their lives as they lived their lives?

If that were to happen, what kind of things would take place in this world? There are some important predictions regarding what could happen as follows:

   – We would have the opportunity to live our lives, rising to the demands of the 21st century. [Reference: “What Does the 21st Century Ask of Us?”(

   – We would like a life of wisdom, as stated by Professor Nicholas Maxwell (UCL).

   – We would forge a different relationship with ourselves.

   – Our relationships with others (friends, significant other, teachers, colleagues, etc.) would change.

   – The way we study and the schools we choose (elementary, middle school, high schools, college) would change.

   – Our thoughts regarding mental/physical health would change.

   – Our job and career choices would change.

   – The reason why we make money and our method to make money would change.

   – Our choice in who to marry would change.

   – Our consumption of products, services and contents would change.

The aforementioned question will get the ball rolling on our ideas. We are creating a SNS platform based on ‘WISDOM BOX’, a wise artificial intelligence (AI), that will help people take a more comprehensive and long-term view of their lives, so that they can live their own lives. If you use our mobile app, you can access your very own ‘WISDOM BOX.’ This ‘WISDOM BOX’ will become your lifelong companion. The picture below is a graphic design of the container that is formed in a perfect hexagon through the six stars that come from the heavens—it is a perfect hexagon on all sides and is called the ‘WISDOM BOX.’ (Please reference the following link in order to access the ‘WISDOM BOX’ birth story:



That platform is the “Aha! TYD(Touch Your Dream) Platform.” This platform business will go from an internet-based ‘online business’ to an ‘  offline business’ then to the ‘smart device business’ and ultimately, to the ‘gift set & products business’.

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