TYD App 1.0 Beta Launching

Welcome to our Products & Services!

We are delighted to announce the plan to launch our brand-new mobile app(TYD App 1.0 Beta) this year.

You may have profound knowledge about IT technology and its products and services, as well as  understanding and wisdom concerning human life. If you know of any mobile applications targeting the following people, please let us know them.

   – People who don’t set their education goals in the viewpoint of their whole and long life

  – People who don’t choose their job or spouse in the viewpoint of their whole and long life

  – People who are enslaved by their negative thoughts and feelings

  – People who don’t know what their unique dream is

  – People who don’t know how to use their valuable time in their life

  – People who want to be reminded of good memories of their life before leaving this world

  – People who live an addicted life by continuous brainwashing

  – People who want to live their dream

  – People who want to make money by doing  more valuable work

  – People who want to change the world by challenging the impossible

  – …

If  such applications don’t yet exist in this world, our mobile app for the above people is scheduled to be launched in the English and Korean version this year.

Even people who make enough money and enjoy their healthy life may belong to the above-mentioned group of people, and may hope to have a good opportunity to experience this kind of mobile app to live their dream.

Whenever you think about your true life, wherever you stay and whatever you do, we hope for your life journey to be with us to reach your unique dream, which would help other people to live their own dream and  would finally change this world.

If you wish to join our beta test before our official launch, please apply by filling out the following application or by e-mail:  touchyourvision@gmail.com.  After reviewing your application, we will send you our formal invitation.

We hope to see you soon in our brand-new mobile app.

Thank you.


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