AI-Humans Collaboration Platform

Most of people around the world are dreaming of doing purpose-of-life-driven work, acquiring the related knowledge and wisdom to do that, and also living healthy life. But in reality, it is very difficult to live such life. There may be many diverse reasons why people can’t live such life.

However, the most fundamental problem is that people have difficulty in continuously enhancing and showing off their own potential in order to create social/economic values for oneself as well as others.

The fundamental problem is affecting why to create social/economic values, how to create social/economic values, why to work, what to work, how to work, how to recruit, how to manage human resource, why to learn, what to learn, how to learn, why to live healthy life, and how to live healthy life. And also It has a great impact on other domains of our life, as well as on  society and economy.

While various forms of services are currently available online and offline, in relation to work, the acquisition of knowledge and wisdom, and healthy living, there are limitations in addressing the fundamental problem that hinders people from living such life. Moreover, innovative technological innovations such as artificial intelligence are penetrating into our lives and businesses, and on the other hand, raising uncertainty about the future of humanity, so that AI and humans  must not only seek ways to collaboratively solve the essential problems but also find a way of coexistence in order to create social/economic values. In this respect, there is a need to develop an innovative frame of future, in terms of ‘Data’ and ‘Algorithms’ and ‘Business Model,’ enough to break the current frame.

“AI-Humans Collaboration Platform,” based on AI(“WISDOM-BOX”) Technology, aims to provide everyone in the world with the opportunity to live such life in order to help people create social/economic values for oneself as well as others by solving such fundamental problem through collaboration between humans and artificial intelligence, thereby Inducing the related industries to be rebuilt on the basis of “AI-Humans Collaboration Platform” and AI(“WISDOM-BOX”) Technology.


Value Chain

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