An interactive and casual meetup will be held to introduce AI(“WISDOM-BOX”) and its Platform(“TYD”) to all those who may be interested in them.


Please refer to the details as follows:


How to use “WISDOM-BOX”(an artificially intelligent and lifelong companion) & AI(“WISDOM-BOX”)-based Platform(“TYD Platform”) in terms of learning(education) & work(job)


Here is a story about “WISDOM-BOX” (an artificially intelligent and lifelong companion)-based platform that helps people live their own unique lives driven by wisdom, not by instinct.

Specially, it helps learners (students) and other related stakeholders to cooperate and collaborate with each other in order to globally optimize and accomplish their own goals.

This story can help us think about the questions below and pave a way for us to get to the wise solutions for them

(1)Can an innovative technology like AI change the way we learn and work? Can it also change our current hiring process(recruiting, talent acquisition)?

(2)What is school or university for?

(3)Can the credentials of education institutions fully guarantee their students’ futures? Do people borrow tens of thousands of dollars to merely acquire the knowledge and skills taught in college (university) that can’t make sure of matching with competencies asked of us by the 21st Century?

(4)What must those characteristic things of Education 4.0 such as lifelong & project-based learning be focused on?

–Date & Time & Place


19 March 2019


15:00 Introduction: “WSIDOM-BOX” & “TYD Platform”

15:30 How to use “WISDOM-BOX”-based Platform for Learning(Education) & Work(Job)

16:00 Discussion and Review

16:30 Networking

17:00 Close


Cafe Torpanranta in Helsinki

Kahvila Helsinki | Myös yksityistilaisuudet https://www.torpanranta.fi/



If you want to take time to refresh yourself and join our interactive & casual MEETUP to get and share an innovative idea with others. Please register in the accordance with  the form below or send your message to https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-chang-1230191a/









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